Involvement of calmodulin in neuronal cell death.

  title={Involvement of calmodulin in neuronal cell death.},
  author={Yasufumi Shirasaki and Yoshito Kanazawa and Yoshiyuki Morishima and Mitsuhiro Makino},
  journal={Brain research},
  volume={1083 1},
A large body of evidence indicates that disturbances of Ca(2+) homeostasis may be a causative factor in the neurotoxicity following cerebral ischemia. However, the mechanisms by which Ca(2+) overload leads to neuronal cell death have not been fully elucidated. Calmodulin, a major intracellular Ca(2+)-binding protein found mainly in the central nervous system, mediates many physiological functions in response to changes in the intracellular Ca(2+) concentration, whereas Ca(2+) overload in… CONTINUE READING