Involvement of JNK in the Embryonic Development and Organogenesis in Zebrafish

  title={Involvement of JNK in the Embryonic Development and Organogenesis in Zebrafish},
  author={Yamei Xiao and Yonghua Zhou and Zhen Xiong and Lijun Zou and Minggui Jiang and Zhongwen Luo and S M C E Wen and Wenbin Liu and Shaojun Liu and Wancheng Li},
  journal={Marine Biotechnology},
c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) is one of the mitogen-activated protein kinases. Previous studies showed that the JNK is involved in signaling pathways initiating cell cycle, and eventually, causing apoptosis through persistent activation in mammals. In this article, it is further revealed that the jnk1 gene is closely related with the embryonic development and organogenesis in zebrafish. RT-PCR and Western blot analysis show that there were distinct expression patterns of JNK at the different… CONTINUE READING


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