Involutions on manifolds

  title={Involutions on manifolds},
  author={Santiago L{\'o}pez de Medrano},
0 Notation, Conventions, Preliminaries.- I The Browder-Livesay Invariants.- I.1 Involutions of Spheres.- I.1.1 Desuspensions and Characteristic Submanifolds.- I.1.2 Equivariant Surgery.- I.1.3 The Desuspension Theorem.- I.1.4 Concordance of Desuspensions.- I.2 Involutions of Simply Connected Manifolds.- I.2.1 Characteristic Submanifolds and h-regularity.- I.2.2 The Browder-Livesay Invariants.- II Realization of the Browder-Livesay Invariants.- II.1 The Realization Theorem.- II.2 Constructions… CONTINUE READING

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