Involutional entropion repair with fornix sutures and lateral tarsal strip procedure.


PURPOSE To evaluate the long-terrm effectiveness of fornix suture placement combined with a lateral tarsal strip procedure in correcting involutional entropion. Published reports regarding various surgical techniques and results are reviewed. METHODS This retrospective study reviewed 119 patients with involutional lower eyelid entropion who underwent surgical repair between January 1987 and May 1999 at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. Exclusion criteria included follow-up duration of less than 6 months, previous lower eyelid blepharoplasty, previous conjunctival surgery other than chalazion removal, or cicatricial entropion. The three surgical subsets were (1) combined lateral tarsal strip and fornix sutures: (2) fornix sutures alone; and (3) lateral tarsal strip procedure alone. The chart review was complemented by a telephone questionnaire to assess the long-term clinical outcome, complications, and patient satisfaction. RESULTS One hundred fifty-two eyelids in 119 patients were included. One hundred twenty-five eyelids had combined surgery (lateral tarsal strip with fornix sutures), 9 eyelids had only fornix suture repair, and 18 eyelids had repair with only the lateral tarsal strip procedure. The recurrence rate in these three surgical subsets was 1.6%, 33%, and 22%, respectively, with average follow-up of 36 months. One case of incisional cellulitis was encountered. Postoperative ectropion was not seen in the group having the combined lateral tarsal strip and fornix suture procedure. CONCLUSIONS Suture advancement of the lower eyelid retractors in conjunction with a lateral tarsal strip procedure is a simple, quick, physiologic, and effective approach in achieving long-lasting correction for involutional entropion.


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