Involution codes: with application to DNA coded languages


For an involution θ : Σ* → Σ* over a finite alphabet Σ we consider involution codes: θ-infix, θ-comma-free, θ-k -codes and θ-subword-k-codes. These codes arise from questions on DNA strand design. We investigate conditions under which both X and X+ are same type of involution codes. General methods for generating such involution codes are given. The information capacity of these codes show to be optimized in most cases. A specific set of these codes was chosen for experimental testing and the results of these experiments are presented.

DOI: 10.1007/s11047-004-4009-9

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@article{Jonoska2004InvolutionCW, title={Involution codes: with application to DNA coded languages}, author={Natasa Jonoska and Kalpana Mahalingam and Junghuei Chen}, journal={Natural Computing}, year={2004}, volume={4}, pages={141-162} }