Involucrin expression in normal and neoplastic human skin: a marker for keratinocyte differentiation.

  title={Involucrin expression in normal and neoplastic human skin: a marker for keratinocyte differentiation.},
  author={George Murphy and Timothy Corcoran Flynn and Robert H. Rice and Geraldine S. Pinkus},
  journal={The Journal of investigative dermatology},
  volume={82 5},
Involucrin is a recently recognized structural component of mature squamous epithelial cells. We examined involucrin expression using an immunoperoxidase technique in normal skin and in a variety of epidermal hyperplasias and neoplasms to determine whether distinctive staining patterns existed within these lesions. Four patterns of reactivity were observed: diffuse intracellular staining typical of keratinocytes of the upper third of normal epidermis and epidermal hyperplasias and benign… CONTINUE READING


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