Invited Commentary: Indoor Tanning-A Melanoma Accelerator?


In this issue of the Journal, Ghiasvand et al. (Am J Epidemiol. 2017;185(3):147-156) present results from a longitudinal study of the association between indoor tanning and melanoma in a large cohort of Norwegian women. These new data further support previous findings on the damaging effects of tanning bed exposure on women, particularly young women. The authors present compelling evidence that early exposure to tanning beds advances the date of diagnosis of melanoma by at least 2 years. With a strong design and a large cohort followed for a mean of 13.7 years, this study lends additional support to previous evidence of the negative effects of tanning beds and provides further justification for stronger policy initiatives designed to reduce tanning bed use among young women.

DOI: 10.1093/aje/kww149

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@article{Berwick2017InvitedCI, title={Invited Commentary: Indoor Tanning-A Melanoma Accelerator?}, author={Marianne Berwick and J. -F. Dor{\'e}}, journal={American journal of epidemiology}, year={2017}, volume={185 3}, pages={157-159} }