Investigations on the Skin Toxin of the Adult Rough-Skinned Newt, Taricha granulosa

  title={Investigations on the Skin Toxin of the Adult Rough-Skinned Newt, Taricha granulosa},
  author={E. Brodie},
  • E. Brodie
  • Published 1968
  • Biology
  • Copeia
  • Thirty species of potential predators on Taricha granulosa were tested by injection or force-feeding to determine their susceptibility to adult T. granulosa skin toxin. All species tested were found to be susceptible to Taricha skin toxin. The action of adult T. granulosa skin toxin is identical to that described for tetrodotoxin from the eggs of T. torosa and the puffer fish. Mammals and birds are susceptible to similar relative amounts of toxin; 0.0002 cc of back skin of T. granulosa killed… CONTINUE READING
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