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Investigations into the natural regeneration of Blackbutt-E[ucalyptus] pilularis.

  title={Investigations into the natural regeneration of Blackbutt-E[ucalyptus] pilularis.},
  author={A. G. Floyd},
The effect of gap size on growth and species composition of 15-year-old regrowth in mixed blackbutt forests
Summary In north-eastern New South Wales (NSW) the Regional Forest Agreement process has transferred more than 400 000 ha of state forests to national park, and restricted silviculture to ‘single
Blackbutt advance regeneration: its persistence and significance
This remarkable demonstration of apical dominance indicates that the deliberate cutting back of prostrate stems to force coppicing close to the butt is not essential for good recovery, though it may be advisable in order to achieve stability of the tree in the longer term.