Investigations and Application of Vase Shaping Technology in Acer Elegantulum

  title={Investigations and Application of Vase Shaping Technology in Acer Elegantulum},
  author={Zhiyong Zhu and Li Lin and Lejing Lin and Cui Guangyuan},
Acer elegantulum grows fast and is convenient for seed propagation. In this study, we used 2-3 years old Acer elegantulum as the basal plant material to make diverse shapes of vase, stylet and hedge. Later, some high ornamental value maples, including Acer palmatum cv. Dissectum, Nagareizumi and red maple were grafted into the vase, stylet and hedge to make higher ornamental value products. This technology strongly improved the economic value of maples. Plant model use the plant as raw material… 

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