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Investigation on the Immunity to Pertussis in the Korea

  title={Investigation on the Immunity to Pertussis in the Korea},
  author={Ho-Hoon Kim and K. H. Shin and Soon-Nam Kim and Myung Sook Lee and Si Hyung Yoo and Ji Yun Kim and Jin Han Kang},
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Immunoassay of Pertussis According to Ages
The immunoassay of pertussis according to ages was conducted, in order to evaluate protective immunity against pertussi in Korean populations.
Immunogenicity, Reactogenicity and Safety of a Combined DTPa-IPV Vaccine Compared with Separate DTPa and IPV Vaccines in Healthy Korean Infants
Combined DTPa-IPV vaccine was immunogenic and well tolerated when used as a three-dose primary vaccination course in Korean infants and could be incorporated into the Korean vaccination schedule, reducing the number of injections required to complete primary immunization.