Investigation on Image Processing Techniques for Diagnosing Paddy Diseases

  title={Investigation on Image Processing Techniques for Diagnosing Paddy Diseases},
  author={Nunik Noviana Kurniawati and Siti Norul Huda Sheikh Abdullah and Salwani Abdullah and Saad Abdullah},
  journal={2009 International Conference of Soft Computing and Pattern Recognition},
The main objective of this research is to develop a prototype system for diagnosing paddy diseases, which are Blast Disease (BD), Brown-Spot Disease (BSD), and Narrow Brown-Spot Disease (NBSD). This paper concentrates on extracting paddy features through off-line image. The methodology involves image acquisition, converting the RGB images into a binary image using automatic thresholding based on local entropy threshold and Otsu method. A morphological algorithm is used to remove noises by using… CONTINUE READING

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