Investigation of the risk factors for leukoaraiosis (LA).

  title={Investigation of the risk factors for leukoaraiosis (LA).},
  author={Sijia Zhang and Xia Kang},
  journal={Asia-Pacific journal of public health},
  volume={25 4 Suppl},
Leukoaraiosis (LA) describes abnormal changes in the cerebral white matter frequently seen on CT and MRI in older adults. Its appearance indicates mild brain injury, and it is often regarded as a mark of senile dementia. Through the analysis of related risk factors of 6000 patients with LA diagnosed by cranial MRI in our department, we found that age, cerebral infarction, lacunar infarction, history of brain hemorrhage, and increased triglycerides were risk factors for LA, and the relative risk… CONTINUE READING

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