Investigation of the offset charge noise in single electron tunneling devices

  title={Investigation of the offset charge noise in single electron tunneling devices},
  author={Henning Wolf and Franz Josef Ahlers and J{\"u}rgen Niemeyer and H Scherer and Thomas Weimann and Alexander B. Zorin and Vladimir A. Krupenin and Sergey V. Lotkhov and Denis E. Presnov},
  • Henning Wolf, Franz Josef Ahlers, +6 authors Denis E. Presnov
  • Published 1996
  • Physics
  • The offset charge noise in metallic single electron tunneling (SET) devices fabricated on dielectric substrates was experimentally studied. On the basis of stereoscopic measurements of the low-frequency charge noise we show that the substrate makes an essential contribution to the total noise. We have observed that the intensity of the charge noise in SET transistors depends on the biasing dc current but is almost insensitive to temperature variations up to 300 mK. Stability investigations of… CONTINUE READING

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