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Investigation of the Electrical Conduction Mechanisms in P-type Amorphous Germanium (a-Ge) Used as a-Ge Contacts for Ge Detectors

  title={Investigation of the Electrical Conduction Mechanisms in P-type Amorphous Germanium (a-Ge) Used as a-Ge Contacts for Ge Detectors},
  author={S. Bhattarai and R. Panth and W.-Z. Wei and H. Mei and D. Mei and M. Raut and P. Acharya and W. Wang},
  journal={arXiv: Instrumentation and Detectors},
Electrical conduction mechanisms in the disordered material system is experimentally studied for p-type amorphous germanium (a-Ge) used for high-purity Ge detector contacts. The localization length and the hopping parameters in a-Ge are determined using the surface leakage current measured from three high-purity planar Ge detectors. The temperature-dependent hopping distance and hopping energy are obtained for a-Ge fabricated as the electrical contact materials for high-purity Ge planar… Expand


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  • Kooi, et al., arXiv preprint arXiv:1909.05806
  • 2019