Investigation of perceptual constancy in the temporal-envelope domain.

  title={Investigation of perceptual constancy in the temporal-envelope domain.},
  author={Marine Ardoint and Christian Lorenzi and Daniel Pressnitzer and Andre{\"i} Gorea},
  journal={The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America},
  volume={123 3},
The ability to discriminate complex temporal envelope patterns submitted to temporal compression or expansion was assessed in normal-hearing listeners. An XAB, matching-to-sample-procedure was used. X, the reference stimulus, is obtained by applying the sum of two, inharmonically related, sinusoids to a broadband noise carrier. A and B are obtained by multiplying the frequency of each modulation component of X by the same time expansion/compression factor, alpha (alphain[0.35-2.83]). For each… CONTINUE READING