Investigation of neonatal brain cytochrome redox by NIRS.

  title={Investigation of neonatal brain cytochrome redox by NIRS.},
  author={Y. A. B. D. Wickramasinghe and Peter Rolfe and Karren S Palmer and Stephen Andrew Spencer},
  journal={Brain research. Developmental brain research},
  volume={89 2},
Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) has been used to detect changes in cerebral blood and tissue oxygenation. Redox state of enzyme cytochrome aa3 (Cyt aa3 is thought to give an indication of tissue oxygenation. This information would be of value in exploring the aetiology of cerebral ischaemic lesions in preterm infants. However we have found that the change in cerebral cytochrome redox in infants following desaturation was inconsistent and insignificant.