Investigation of multiplet splitting of Fe 2 p XPS spectra and bonding in iron compounds

  title={Investigation of multiplet splitting of Fe 2 p XPS spectra and bonding in iron compounds},
  author={Andrew P. Grosvenor and Babett Kobe and Mark C. Biesinger and N. Stewart McIntyre},
Ferrous (Fe2+) and ferric (Fe3+) compounds were investigated by XPS to determine the usefulness of calculated multiplet peaks to fit high-resolution iron 2p3/2 spectra from high-spin compounds. The multiplets were found to fit most spectra well, particularly when contributions attributed to surface peaks and shake-up satellites were included. This information was useful for fitting of the complex Fe 2p3/2 spectra for Fe3O4 where both Fe2+ and Fe3+ species are present. It was found that as the… CONTINUE READING
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