Investigation of microemulsion system for transdermal delivery of meloxicam.

  title={Investigation of microemulsion system for transdermal delivery of meloxicam.},
  author={Yue Yuan and San-ming Li and Feng-kui Mo and Da-fang Zhong},
  journal={International journal of pharmaceutics},
  volume={321 1-2},
A new oil-in-water microemulsion containing 0.375% meloxicam was developed in order to improve the skin permeability of meloxicam. Among various surfactants and cosurfactants investigated in the microemulsion system, polyoxyethylene sorbitan trioleate (Tween 85) showed excellent solubility and ethanol expressed skin permeation enhancing effect for meloxicam. The microemulsion existence ranges were defined through the construction of the pseudo-ternary phase diagram. The effect of the content of… CONTINUE READING

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