[Investigation of medical journal website construction in Guangdong province].


OBJECTIVE To investigate the current status of internet-based publication of biomedical journals and website construction in Guangdong province. METHODS On the platform of the currently available databases for academic science journals (Wanfang Datebase, China Acdemic Journal Network, PubMed and SCI) with the assistance general searching engines, the websites of the medical journals in Guangdong province were evaluated and the editorial offices of the core medical journals in Guangdong province were interviewed. RESULTS At present, the internet-based publication of the journals was executed predominantly by 3 means, namely utilization of the access to the websites of the direct sponsor, authoritative websites of science and technology, or independent websites. CONCLUSION Relying on the database system of Wanfang and China Academic Journal Network, for instance, most of the journals can provide access to their full-text resources, but this internet-based publication is somehow delayed in comparison with the print publication. At present, only a few medical journals in Guangdong have built their independent websites, and among those which already have, Journal of First Military Medical University and Cancer are indexed by IM and PubMed, therefore they provide online abstracts of the papers ahead of the print copy publication.

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@article{Duan2005InvestigationOM, title={[Investigation of medical journal website construction in Guangdong province].}, author={Yong-hui Duan and Zheng-ai Wang}, journal={Di 1 jun yi da xue xue bao = Academic journal of the first medical college of PLA}, year={2005}, volume={25 11}, pages={1456-60} }