Investigation of mast cells in human gingiva following low-intensity laser irradiation.

  title={Investigation of mast cells in human gingiva following low-intensity laser irradiation.},
  author={Lucas B. Silveira and Renato Ara{\'u}jo Prates and Moacyr Domingos Novelli and Helenice de Andrade Marigo and Arnaldo de Almeida Garrocho and Jos{\'e} Cl{\'a}udio Faria Amorim and Giovane R Sousa and Marianne Pinotti and Martha Sim{\~o}es Ribeiro},
  journal={Photomedicine and laser surgery},
  volume={26 4},
OBJECTIVE The aims of the present study were to investigate the effect of low-intensity laser irradiation on the total number of mast cells as well as the percentage of degranulation in human gingiva. Blood vessel dilation was also evaluated. BACKGROUND DATA It has been proposed that low-intensity laser irradiation can ameliorate pain, swelling, and inflammation. In periodontal tissue, mast cells may influence either the destructive events or the defense mechanism against periodontal disease… CONTINUE READING
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