Investigation of daytime wetting: when is spinal cord imaging indicated?

  title={Investigation of daytime wetting: when is spinal cord imaging indicated?},
  author={Elizabeth A Wraige and Malgorzata Borzyskowski},
  journal={Archives of disease in childhood},
  volume={87 2},
BACKGROUND Most children with daytime wetting have detrusor instability. A minority have neuropathic vesicourethral dysfunction. The commonest cause is spina bifida, which may be closed. Clinical features suggestive of closed spina bifida include cutaneous, neuro-orthopaedic or lumbosacral spine x ray abnormalities, impaired bladder sensation, and incomplete bladder emptying. MRI is the ideal method for detecting spinal cord abnormality. It has been suggested that MRI spine is an unnecessary… CONTINUE READING


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