Investigation of completed suicide and genes involved in cholesterol metabolism.

  title={Investigation of completed suicide and genes involved in cholesterol metabolism.},
  author={Aleksandra Lalovic and Adolfo Sequeira and Rosherrie DeGuzman and Nadia Chawky and Alain D. Lesage and Monique S{\'e}guin and Gustavo Turecki},
  journal={Journal of affective disorders},
  volume={79 1-3},
BACKGROUND Several lines of evidence support the association between low or lowered levels of serum total cholesterol and suicide. Genetic epidemiological studies suggest that genes predispose to suicide. Given that genes control many aspects of cholesterol biosynthesis and metabolism, one approach through which to explore the putative association between low cholesterol and suicide is through genetic studies. METHODS We examined the potential role of five genes encoding proteins involved in… CONTINUE READING

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