Investigation of building integrated photovoltaics potential in achieving the zero energy building target

  title={Investigation of building integrated photovoltaics potential in achieving the zero energy building target},
  author={Angeliki Kylili and Paris A. Fokaides},
  journal={Indoor and Built Environment},
  pages={106 - 92}
Since the photovoltaic (PV) scientific community started exploring innovative ways of incorporating solar electricity into buildings, a whole new vernacular of solar electric architecture emerged. Currently, there is a growing consensus that building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) systems will be the backbone of the zero energy building (ZEB) European target by 2020, through their widespread commercialization. BIPV systems often produce however less energy than conventional PV systems due to… 

Applying Renewable Energy Technologies in an Integrated Optimization Method for Residential Building’s Design

The methodology reduces investment, reduces the energy demand and selects the best construction materials, renewable energy, and air conditioning system and could help builders in the design stage, to find a new design that allows a ZEB with the optimal life cycle cost.

Low-Carbon Design Path of Building Integrated Photovoltaics: A Comparative Study Based on Green Building Rating Systems

CO2 emissions of buildings have a critical impact on the global climate change, and various green building rating systems (GBRS) have suggested low-carbon requirements to regulate building emissions.

A PV installation framework concerning electricity variable rates

ABSTRACT This paper assesses building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) installation parameters based on the profit generated by a photovoltaic system. It takes into consideration a home building case

Economic Feasibility for Solar PV in Swedish Office Buildings - A Case Study Approach

Boverket, a governmental agency in Sweden, has the goal to regulate so that all new buildings will be near zero energy buildings from 2020 and one way to reach this goal is to install a solar



Photovoltaics and zero energy buildings: a new opportunity and challenge for design

The authors envision possible formal results, opportunities and challenges, for the use of PV in Z EBs, as well as new research issues for the future relationships between PV and ZEBs from the architecture and landscape design point of view.

Comfort and building performance analysis of transparent building integrated silicon photovoltaics

Within this paper an annual performance and daylight comfort analysis of building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) is discussed, evaluated and compared to a common facade solution. The daylight comfort