Investigation of Turkish Poppy Seeds and Seed Oils


The oil yields, fatty acid compositions, and total protein contents of three varieties of Turkish poppy were investigated. Solvent extraction of yellow seed gave the highest oil yield (49.2%), while white seed (36.8%) and blue seed (33.6) showed considerably lower yields. Yellow seed was also subjected to mechanical extraction, yielding 32.3% oil. Solvent extraction of the oilcake from the press gave 17.6% additional oil. Fatty acid compositions of the oils were determined by GC/MS and major components were found to be linoleic (56.4-69.2%), oleic (16.1-19.4%), and palmitic (10.6-16.3%) depending on the color of the seeds. The values of proximate analysis, nutritional elements and heavy metals content were also reported for the most widely cultivated yellow seed.

DOI: 10.1023/B:CONC.0000048250.81843.0a

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