Investigation of Thermodiffusion Carbonitride Coatings on Titanium Alloys

  title={Investigation of Thermodiffusion Carbonitride Coatings on Titanium Alloys},
  author={I. Pohrelyuk and I. V. Dyuh and V. Fedirko and O. Yas’kiv},
  journal={Materials Science},
We study specific features of the processes of phase formation and gas saturation in VT1-0, VT14, OT-4, and VT20 titanium alloys held in a carbon-and-nitrogen-containing medium for 5 h at 1100°C. Depending on the type of alloy, the TiCxNy carbonitride phases of different compositions are formed on the metal surface under the indicated conditions. The analysis of the corrosion and electrochemical behavior of alloys shows that the best protective properties are exhibited by the carbonitrides… Expand