Investigation of Stent Implant Mechanics Using Linear Analytical and Computational Approach.


Stent implants are essential in restoring normal blood flow in atherosclerotic arteries. Recent studies have shown high failure rates of stent implants in superficial femoral artery (SFA) as a result of dynamic loading environment imposed on the stent implants by the diseased arterial wall and turbulent blood flow. There are variety of stent designs and materials currently on the market however, there is no clear understanding if specific stent design is suitable with the material that is manufactured from and if this combination can sustain the life-cycle that the stent implants need to undergo once inside the artery. Lack of studies have been presented that relate stent mechanical properties with stent geometry and material used. This study presents linear theoretical and computational modeling approach that determines stent mechanical properties with effective stiffness of the deployed stent. Effective stiffness of the stent has been accurately derived based on stent structure design and loading in axial and radial directions. A rhombus stent structure was selected for this study due to its more common use and produced by main stream manufacturers. The derived theoretical model was validated using numerical finite element modeling approach. Results from this study can lead to preliminary insight towards understanding of stent deformation based on stent geometry, material properties and artery wall pressure; and how to carefully match stent's geometry with suitable material for long life cycle, increased strength, and reliable performance of stent implants.

DOI: 10.1007/s13239-017-0295-0

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