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Investigation of Noise Limitation Standardization and Evaluating the Low Frequency Noise's Influence on Human Performance using Online Psychoacoustic Test

  title={Investigation of Noise Limitation Standardization and Evaluating the Low Frequency Noise's Influence on Human Performance using Online Psychoacoustic Test},
  author={Xuhao Du and Jia Feng Ma and Zhibin Lin},
  journal={arXiv: Medical Physics},
A lot of research has been carried out to find out the influence of low frequency noise on human behavior. Based on currently available results, some countries have been developing National Standard to limit the low frequency noise to protect people's health and working performance. However, after investigating 28 National Standards about noise limitation of working machine and other noise emission standards of China, it is found that the stipulation of low frequency noise covers limited… Expand


A pilot study was carried out to assess method evaluating effects of low frequency noise on performance. Of special interest was to study objective and subjective effects over time. Two ventilationExpand
Low frequency noise "pollution" interferes with performance.
The results suggest that the quality of work performance and perceived annoyance may be influenced by a continuous exposure to low frequency noise at commonly occurring noise levels and subjects categorised as high-sensitive to low Frequency noise may be at highest risk. Expand
Evaluation of Low-Frequency Noise in Dwellings. New Polish Recommendations
This paper presents new Polish recommendations for the estimation of low-frequency noise (LFN) penetrating into dwellings from appliances installed inside or outside the building (Recommendation NoExpand
Low frequency noise and annoyance.
Conventional methods of assessing annoyance, typically based on A-weighted equivalent level, are inadequate for low frequency noise and lead to incorrect decisions by regulatory authorities, but do not deal adequately with fluctuations. Expand
A procedure for the assessment of low frequency noise complaints.
The development and application of a procedure for the assessment of low frequency noise (LFN) complaints included laboratory tests addressing low frequency hearing threshold and the effect on acceptability of fluctuation, and field measurements complemented with interview-based questionnaires. Expand
Effects of low frequency noise on man--a case study.
Based on a real case effects of long-term exposure of infrasound on man, a small heating plant was identified, which immitted into the house of the exposed people very low frequency airborne sound far below the common hearing thresholds. Expand
Danish Guidelines on Environmental Low Frequency Noise, Infrasound and Vibration
In Denmark a set of guidelines for measurement and assessment of environmental low frequency noise, infrasound and vibration was published in 1997 as “Information from the Danish EnvironmentalExpand
A Structured Approach to LFS-Complaints in the Rotterdam Region of the Netherlands
In the working area of the DCMR Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) an increasing number of people have registered complaints because of low frequency sound (LFS). A ‘protocol of low frequencyExpand
A Review of Published Research on Low Frequency Noise and its Effects
This publication (excluding the logo) may be reproduced free of charge in any format or medium provided that it is reproduced accurately and not used in a misleading context. The material must beExpand
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