Investigation of Nanoscale Interactions by Means of Subharmonic Excitation.

  title={Investigation of Nanoscale Interactions by Means of Subharmonic Excitation.},
  author={Matteo Chiesa and Karim R Gadelrab and Marco Stefancich and Peter Ross Armstrong and Guang Li and Tewfik Souier and N. H. Thomson and V. Barcons and J Font and Albert Verdaguer and Michael Anthony Phillips and S{\'e}rgio Santos},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry letters},
  volume={3 16},
Multifrequency atomic force microscopy holds promise as a method to provide qualitative and quantitative information about samples with high spatial resolution. Here, we provide experimental evidence of the excitation of subharmonics in ambient conditions in the regions where capillary interactions are predicted to be the mechanism of excitation. We also experimentally decouple a second mechanism for subharmonic excitation that is highly independent of environmental conditions such as relative… CONTINUE READING