Investigation of Moisture Uptake in Low-$\kappa$ Dielectric Materials

  title={Investigation of Moisture Uptake in Low-\$\kappa\$  Dielectric Materials},
  author={Christoph Kubasch and Christoph Klaus and Hartmut Ruelke and Ulrich Mayer and Johann Wolfgang Bartha},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices},
The influence of moisture on the electrical properties of PECVD SiCOH and a PECVD porous ultralow- κ (pULK) material has been investigated in comparison with a thermal oxide and a PECVD oxide. Capacitance-time (C -t) measurements are performed on metal-insulator-metal structures during exposure to different humidity conditions (0% to 80% RH) to determine the effect on the relative permittivity. The results show a big difference in the amounts of moisture absorbance of the investigated materials… CONTINUE READING