Investigation of Magnetic Anisotropy and Heat Dissipation in Thin Films of Compensated Antiferromagnet CuMnAs by Pump-probe Experiment.

  title={Investigation of Magnetic Anisotropy and Heat Dissipation in Thin Films of Compensated Antiferromagnet CuMnAs by Pump-probe Experiment.},
  author={M. Sur{\'y}nek and V{\'i}t Saidl and V{\'i}t Nov{\'a}k and Richard P. Campion and Peter Wadley and Petr Němec},
  journal={arXiv: Materials Science},
We recently reported on a method to determine the easy axis position in a 10 nm thick film of the fully compensated antiferromagnet CuMnAs. The film had a uniaxial magnetic anisotropy and the technique utilized a magneto-optical pump and probe experiment [Nature Photonics 11, 91 (2017)]. In this contribution we discuss the applicability of this method for the investigation of a broader set of epitaxial CuMnAs films having different thicknesses. This work reveals that the equilibrium magnetic… 

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  • 2017
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