Investigation of Lipase Production by Milk Isolate Serratia rubidaea

  title={Investigation of Lipase Production by Milk Isolate Serratia rubidaea},
  author={Grasian Immanuel and Palanichamy Esakkiraj and Austin Jebadhas and Palanisamy Iyapparaj and Arunachalam Palavesam},
Production of extracellular lipase in submerged culture of Serratia rubidaea has been investigated. The lipase production was optimized in shake flask experiments. The observed pH and temperature range optimum for maximum lipase production were 7–8 and 30–40 °C, respectively. With a selected nitrogen source, casein ((6.5±0.015) U/mL) and soytone ((9.4±0.02) U/mL) were suitable substrates for accelerating lipase production. The optimized concentration of casein and soytone was 24 g/L ((9.95±0.02… CONTINUE READING
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