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Investigation into the Causes of Pressure Relief Valve Failure

  title={Investigation into the Causes of Pressure Relief Valve Failure},
  author={B V. Hubballi and V. B. Sondur},
This paper describes the preliminary investigation of a research project that aimed to test and identify the causes of pressure relief valve failure. A test rig suitable for testing of relief valves was designed, constructed, and tested. The purpose of the data collected by testing is intended to support the alternative path to determine the service life of relief valves following their removal from the system prior to their replace or disposal. Design, maintenance and operating changes… 

Failure of a Pressure Regulator System by Crevice Corrosion: Attributed to Improper Material Selection

A pressure regulator in a system of the base shroud failed during service. The pressure regulator is intended to regulate the inlet pressure of 275 to 50 kg/cm2 outlet pressure. The working medium is

Assurance of complex pressure control system operability in high-temperature media

For the purpose of control and overpressure protection in pipeline systems of power industry and pressure vessels, indirect-action valves consisting of a main valve and a pilot valve are often used.

Criticality Analysis and Maintenance of Solar Tower Power Plants by Integrating the Artificial Intelligence Approach

In this paper, a new procedure, based on the criticality analysis, was proposed to improve the maintenance of the STPP using the combination of three methods, which are failure mode effects andcriticality analysis (FMECA), Bayesian network and artificial intelligence.



Analysis of safety relief valve proof test data to optimize lifecycle maintenance costs

  • R. GrossS. Harris
  • Engineering
    2008 Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium
  • 2008
A generic cost-benefit analysis and an expected life cycle cost reduction concludes that $90 million maintenance dollars might be avoided for a population of 3000 valves over 20 years.

Evaluating relief valve reliability when extending the test and maintenance interval

Presently, more and more programs appear that provide processes for evaluating and extending the time between major process shutdowns and maintenance. RBI (risk‐based inspections) and Six Sigma

Critical fault detection, by measured current on electromechanical hydraulic valves

Fault detection in large scale industrial systems are of importance in order to detect and accommodate eventual faults and failures in the system. Such an industri al system is a hydraulic system

A Novel Feature Selection method for Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Control Valves

The performance of the proposed feature selection system is compared to that of six other feature selection techniques and the proposed system is found to be superior.

Guide to Industrial Hydraulics, Maintanence Manual

  • 1998

Troubleshooting for relief valves used in hydraulic systems

    Hydraulic Hints & Trouble Shooting Guide