Investigation into atropine-induced antinociception.

  title={Investigation into atropine-induced antinociception.},
  author={Carla Ghelardini and Petra Malmberg-Aiello and Alberto Giotti and M Malcangio and Alessandro Bartolini},
  journal={British journal of pharmacology},
  volume={101 1},
1. The effect of atropine on the nociceptive system was examined in mice and rats by use of the hot-plate, writhing and tail-flick tests. 2. Atropine dose-dependently produced analgesia, no effect and hyperalgesia. Analgesia was observed in both species with doses ranging from 1 to 100 micrograms kg-1 while hyperalgesia was obtained with 5 mg kg-1. 3. Atropine antinociception was prevented by pirenzepine (0.1 microgram per mouse, i.c.v.), dicyclomine (10 mg kg-1, i.p.), atropine-methylbromide… CONTINUE READING