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Investigation and Integration of a Scalable Vector Graphics Engine on a Set-Top Box

  title={Investigation and Integration of a Scalable Vector Graphics Engine on a Set-Top Box},
  author={Fredrik Johansson},
A set top box is an embedded device, much like a computer with limited capabilities. Its main purpose is to decode a video signal and output it to a TV. The set top box market is constantly growing ... 


This presentation provides a look at the API, the rendering pipeline, and the primitives that are supported in OpenVG, the Khronos Group's attempt to enable hardware accelerated vector graphics.
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This chapter discusses the development of Hardware and Software for Computer Graphics, and the design methodology of User-Computer Dialogues, which led to the creation of the Simple Raster Graphics Package.
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  • 2008
The Document Object Model: Processing Structured Documents will help you flatten your learning curve, standardize programming, reuse code, and reduce development time.
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This month's column takes a satirical look at the waterfall process, trying to expose some of its faults, and an alternative that tries to deal with those faults.
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