Investigating Intraoperative and Intraprofessional Handoffs in Anesthesia

  title={Investigating Intraoperative and Intraprofessional Handoffs in Anesthesia},
  author={Katherina A. Jurewicz and Myrtede C Alfred and David M. Neyens and K. Catchpole and Anjali Joseph and S. Reeves},
  journal={Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting},
  pages={469 - 473}
Handoffs occur frequently in healthcare systems, and miscommunications and critical omissions within handoffs have been linked to serious medical errors. Handoff quality is a priority of patient safety initiatives across several international organizations. The majority of previous research in handoffs have focused on postoperative handoffs; yet, there is a need to specifically investigate intraoperative handoffs, especially within individual professions or subspecialties. Each subspecialty… Expand

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