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Investigating Image Applications Based on Spatial-Frequency Transform and Deep Learning Techniques

  title={Investigating Image Applications Based on Spatial-Frequency Transform and Deep Learning Techniques},
  author={Qinkai Zheng and Han Qiu and G. Memmi and I. Bloch},
This is the report for the PRIM project in Telecom Paris. This report is about applications based on spatial-frequency transform and deep learning techniques. In this report, there are two main works. The first work is about the enhanced JPEG compression method based on deep learning. we propose a novel method to highly enhance the JPEG compression by transmitting fewer image data at the sender's end. At the receiver's end, we propose a DC recovery algorithm together with the deep residual… Expand


Image Super-Resolution as a Defense Against Adversarial Attacks
It is shown that deep image restoration networks learn mapping functions that can bring off-the-manifold adversarial samples onto the natural image manifold, thus restoring classification towards correct classes. Expand
Defending against Adversarial Images using Basis Functions Transformations
Results show JPEG compression tends to outperform the other tested defenses in most of the settings considered, in addition to soft-thresholding, which performs well in specific cases, and yields a more mild decrease in accuracy on benign examples. Expand
Deep Image Prior
It is shown that a randomly-initialized neural network can be used as a handcrafted prior with excellent results in standard inverse problems such as denoising, superresolution, and inpainting. Expand
Deep Laplacian Pyramid Networks for Fast and Accurate Super-Resolution
This paper proposes the Laplacian Pyramid Super-Resolution Network (LapSRN) to progressively reconstruct the sub-band residuals of high-resolution images and generates multi-scale predictions in one feed-forward pass through the progressive reconstruction, thereby facilitates resource-aware applications. Expand
DC Coefficients Recovery from AC Coefficients in the JPEG Compression Scenario
This paper proposes to highly enhance the JPEG compression by transmitting all AC coefficients and only four DC coefficients of one image and proposes two methods to rebuild the missing DC coefficients based on the remaining DCT coefficient relationships. Expand
Learning Deep CNN Denoiser Prior for Image Restoration
Experimental results demonstrate that the learned set of denoisers can not only achieve promising Gaussian denoising results but also can be used as prior to deliver good performance for various low-level vision applications. Expand
Deflecting Adversarial Attacks with Pixel Deflection
This paper presents an algorithm to process an image so that classification accuracy is significantly preserved in the presence of adversarial manipulations, and demonstrates experimentally that the combination of these techniques enables the effective recovery of the true class, against a variety of robust attacks. Expand
Beyond a Gaussian Denoiser: Residual Learning of Deep CNN for Image Denoising
This paper investigates the construction of feed-forward denoising convolutional neural networks (DnCNNs) to embrace the progress in very deep architecture, learning algorithm, and regularization method into image Denoising, and uses residual learning and batch normalization to speed up the training process as well as boost theDenoising performance. Expand
End-to-end Optimized Image Compression
Across an independent set of test images, it is found that the optimized method generally exhibits better rate-distortion performance than the standard JPEG and JPEG 2000 compression methods, and a dramatic improvement in visual quality is observed, supported by objective quality estimates using MS-SSIM. Expand
Defense Against Adversarial Attacks Using High-Level Representation Guided Denoiser
High-level representation guided denoiser (HGD) is proposed as a defense for image classification by using a loss function defined as the difference between the target model's outputs activated by the clean image and denoised image. Expand