Investigating Habitat Suitability and Conservation Issues of Re-introduced Wild Water Buffalo in Chitwan National Park, Nepal

  title={Investigating Habitat Suitability and Conservation Issues of Re-introduced Wild Water Buffalo in Chitwan National Park, Nepal},
  author={Gaurav Dhungel and Dol Raj Thanet},
With an ever present threat of extinction aggravated mostly by inbreeding, genetic introgression and flooding stress, translocation of wild water buffalo (Bubalus arnee) to another suitable habitat was a must since decades. Habitat suitability analysis for wild water buffalo has been done by using binary model in ArcGIS 10.2.2 and slope, elevation, distance to water bodies and land cover criteria were used to prepare habitat suitability map of Chitwan National Park. Vegetation compositions were… 

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Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation
  • 2017
Habitat Suitability Assessment of Wild Water Buffalo (Bubalus arnee) in the Babai Flood Plain of Bardia National Park. Bachelor's thesis submitted to Tribhuvan University
  • 2016