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Investigating Determinants of E-Banking Adoption by Individuals: Comparing the Impact of System Characteristics and User Traits

  title={Investigating Determinants of E-Banking Adoption by Individuals: Comparing the Impact of System Characteristics and User Traits},
  author={Yousuf S. AlHinai and Ali H. Al-Badi and Hafedh Al-Shihi and Khamis Al-Gharbi},
  journal={International Review of Management and Business Research},
IntroductionInternet banking offers many benefits that can enhance banking experiences for both consumers and banking institutions. In recent years, a large number of banks have started to adopt internet banking as an additional channel to reach and interact with clients. For financial institutions, Internet or Electronic Banking (also known shortly as e-banking) is recognized as a tool that can significantly reduce their overhead costs as well as day-to-day expenses. For customers, e-banking… Expand

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