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Investigate the Antimicrobial Activity of Raw Lemon and Honey against Human Enteric Pathogens in Vitro

  title={Investigate the Antimicrobial Activity of Raw Lemon and Honey against Human Enteric Pathogens in Vitro},
  author={S. De and NilanjanaMondal and S. Bhowmick and P. Giri and S. Maji and M. Das and S. Chakraborty},
Over three-quarter of the world‟s population is using herbal medicines with increasing trend globally. Plant medicines may be beneficial but are not completely harmless. The aim of this study is to evaluate the antimicrobial activity of raw lemon and honey against different enteric human pathogens.Antimicrobial activity of lime juice is characterized by damage to the cell wall resulting in changes in cell morphology analysis of bacteria. Mixing lime juice with honey was also shown a maximum… Expand

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