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Invertible phases for mixed spatial symmetries and the fermionic crystalline equivalence principle

  title={Invertible phases for mixed spatial symmetries and the fermionic crystalline equivalence principle},
  author={Arun Debray},
  • A. Debray
  • Published 5 February 2021
  • Mathematics
Freed-Hopkins give a mathematical ansatz for classifying gapped invertible phases of matter with a spatial symmetry in terms of Borel-equivariant generalized homology. We propose a slight generalization of this ansatz to account for cases where the symmetry type mixes nontrivially with the spatial symmetry, such as crystalline phases with spin-1/2 fermions. From this ansatz, we prove as a theorem a"fermionic crystalline equivalence principle,"as predicted in the physics literature. Using this… 
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  • Mathematics
    Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society
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Kreck’s modified surgery theory reduces the classification of closed, connected 4-manifolds, up to connect sum with some number of copies of S2 × S2, to a series of bordism questions. We implement
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  • Hank Chen
  • Physics
    Letters in Mathematical Physics
  • 2021
Following recent developments in the classification of bosonic short-range entangled (SRE) phases [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], we examine many-body quantum systems whose ground state fractionalization