Inverted papillomas of the nose and the paranasal sinuses.

  title={Inverted papillomas of the nose and the paranasal sinuses.},
  author={J Abildgaard-Jensen and Ole Greisen},
  journal={Clinical otolaryngology and allied sciences},
  volume={10 3},
A series of 21 patients with inverted papillomas of the nose and/or the paranasal sinuses is presented. In 19 patients the tumour arose from the lateral nasal wall or paranasal sinuses, in 2 it arose from the nasal septum. Nine patients had been previously treated by nasal polypectomy. None of the patients with recurrences after primary surgical treatment showed any evidence of a progression from benign to malignant lesions. Only 14% of the patients suffered from recurrence, and it seems likely… CONTINUE READING