Inverted insertion (9)(q34.3q22.3q21.2) and its recombination product: Duplication 9q21.2q22.3

  title={Inverted insertion (9)(q34.3q22.3q21.2) and its recombination product: Duplication 9q21.2q22.3},
  author={Tadashi Kajii and Shinya Matsuura and Ichiro Murano and Akira Kuwano},
  journal={Japanese Journal of Human Genetics},
To the Editor: We read with interest a recent article in your journal by Dr. Narahara and his colleagues (1986) who described a kindred with two carriers of what they interpreted as an intrachromosomal direct shift, dir ins(9)(q34.3q22.1q31.3), and a now 9-yearold girl with a recombinant chromosome 9. It was deduced that the rec(9) in the girl resulted from crossing over at one of two loops formed during meiosis I in her carrier mother, and thus carried duplication of the 9q22.1---~q31.3… CONTINUE READING

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