Inverted Quantum-Dot Light-Emitting Diodes Fabricated by All-Solution Processing.


UNLABELLED All-solution processed, multilayer, and inverted quantum-dot light-emitting diodes (QD-LEDs) are developed in this work. To protect the QDs from dissolving by the solvents of upper layers, the solvents of poly(9-vinlycarbazole) (PVK) hole transporting layer are first investigated. The QD layer has been less affected by o-dichlorobenzene solvent than other typical solvents like chloroform and chlorobenzene. Second, to deposit a hydrophilic poly(ethylenedioxythiophene)/polystyrenesulfonate ( PEDOT PSS) hole injection layer on top of hydrophobic PVK, the surface energy of the PEDOT PSS is reduced by using isopropanol as the additive. With optimized conditions, the demonstrated QD-LEDs exhibit a maximum luminance of 16290 cd/m(2) and a peak current efficiency of 4.1 cd/A, which is the highest among the reported values. These results may offer a practicable platform for further research, leading to the achievement of all-solution processed, multilayer, and efficient inverted QD-LEDs.

DOI: 10.1021/acsami.5b12737

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