Invertebrate gut diverticula are nutrient absorptive organs.

  title={Invertebrate gut diverticula are nutrient absorptive organs.},
  author={Gregory A Ahearn and Georpe A Gerencser and Mannikkavasagar Thamotharan and R D Behnke and T H Lemme},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={263 3 Pt 2},
Physiological mechanisms of gastrointestinal absorption and secretion of organic and inorganic solutes among invertebrates remain severely underinvestigated. In this review we briefly discuss some of the physical and biological forces affecting solute transfer across epithelial cells and membranes of vertebrate and invertebrate guts. Next, we present some features of the described processes for sugar and amino acid transport in the tubular portion of gastrointestinal tracts of three major… CONTINUE READING
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