Inversion, Paradox, and Liberal Disintegration: Towards a Conceptual Framework of Trumpism

  title={Inversion, Paradox, and Liberal Disintegration: Towards a Conceptual Framework of Trumpism},
  author={Edwin Kent Morris},
  journal={New Political Science},
  pages={17 - 35}
ABSTRACT This article puts forward a provisional framework, at best, of Trumpism, in order to explore some of the potential political, social, cultural, and global implications of it. In particular, this article explores Trumpism’s discursive ambiguity: how Trumpism appears to be one thing (for example, populist), and then appears to be another (for example, elitist). The framework draws from a wide-range of reputable journalism and scholarly literature, but notably borrows from Sheldon Wolin’s… Expand
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Leadership legitimacy and the mobilization of capital(s): Disrupting politics and reproducing heteronormativity:
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Does Internet usage inspire offline political participation? Analyzing the Taiwanese case
  • A. Chang
  • Political Science
  • Japanese Journal of Political Science
  • 2019
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  • Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining
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