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Inverse wave scattering in the time domain for point scatterers

  title={Inverse wave scattering in the time domain for point scatterers},
  author={Andrea Mantile and Andrea Posilicano},
Abstract. Let ∆α,Y be the bounded from above self-adjoint realization in L (R) of the Laplacian with n point scatterers placed at Y = {y1, . . . , yn} ⊂ R, the parameters (α1, . . . αn) ≡ α ∈ R being related to the scattering properties of the obstacles. Let u fǫ and u∅fǫ denote the solutions of the wave equations corresponding to ∆α,Y and to the free Laplacian ∆ respectively, with a source term given by the pulse fǫ(x) = ∑N k=1 fk φǫ(x−xk) supported in ǫ-neighborhoods of the points in XN = {x1… 


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