Inverse Function Theorems for Generalized Smooth Functions

  title={Inverse Function Theorems for Generalized Smooth Functions},
  author={Paolo Giordano and Michael Kunzinger},
  journal={arXiv: Functional Analysis},
Generalized smooth functions are a possible formalization of the original historical approach followed by Cauchy, Poisson, Kirchhoff, Helmholtz, Kelvin, Heaviside, and Dirac to deal with generalized functions. They are set-theoretical functions defined on a natural non-Archimedean ring, and include Colombeau generalized functions (and hence also Schwartz distributions) as a particular case. One of their key property is the closure with respect to composition. We review the theory of generalized… 

The classical theory of calculus of variations for generalized functions

Abstract We present an extension of the classical theory of calculus of variations to generalized functions. The framework is the category of generalized smooth functions, which includes Schwartz

The category of generalized smooth functions I: basic theory

The main aim of the present work is to arrive at a mathematical theory near to the historically original conception of generalized functions, i.e. set theoretical functions defined on, and with

A Fourier transform for all generalized functions

Using the existence of infinite numbers k in the non-Archimedean ring of Robinson-Colombeau, we define the hyperfinite Fourier transform (HFT) by considering integration extended to [−k, k]n instead

The Implicit Function Theorem

In this essay we present an introduction to real analysis, with the purpose of proving the Implicit Function Theorem. Our proof relies on other well-known theorems in set theory and real analysis a



A Convenient Notion of Compact Set for Generalized Functions

This work introduces spaces of compactly supported generalized smooth functions that are close analogues to the test function spaces of distribution theory, and develops the topological and functional–analytic foundations of these spaces.

Foundations of the Calculus of Variations in Generalized Function Algebras

We propose the use of algebras of generalized functions for the analysis of certain highly singular problems in the calculus of variations. After a general study of extremal problems on open subsets

Generalized Functions Valued in a Smooth Manifold

Abstract. Based on Colombeau’s theory of algebras of generalized functions we introduce the concepts of generalized functions taking values in differentiable manifolds as well as of generalized

A Discontinuous Colombeau Differential Calculus

Abstract.Starting from the Colombeau Generalized Functions, the sharp topologies and the notion of generalized points, we introduce a new kind of differential calculus (for functions between totally

Ordinary Differential Equations in Algebras of Generalized Functions

A local existence and uniqueness theorem for ODEs in the special algebra of generalized functions is established, as well as versions including parameters and dependence on initial values in the

Inversion of Colombeau generalized functions

  • Evelina Erlacher
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society
  • 2013
Abstract We introduce different notions of invertibility for generalized functions in the sense of Colombeau. Several necessary conditions for (left, right) invertibility are derived, giving rise to

Differential calculus and integration of generalized functions over membranes

In this paper we continue the development of the differential calculus started in Aragona et al. (Monatsh. Math. 144:13–29, 2005). Guided by the so-called sharp topology and the interpretation of

Strongly internal sets and generalized smooth functions

On Lorentz geometry in algebras of generalized functions

  • E. Mayerhofer
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Section A Mathematics
  • 2008
We introduce the concept of causality into the framework of generalized pseudo-Riemannian geometry in the sense of Colombeau and establish the inverse Cauchy–Schwarz inequality in this context. As an

Pseudo-differential operators, generalized functions and asymptotics

Preface.- Elliptic Theory for Operators Associated with Diffeomorphisms of Smooth Manifolds.- The Singular Functions of Branching Edge Asymptotics.- The Heat Kernel and Green Function of the