Inventions on displaying windows-update


Windows are used quite frequently in a GUI environment. The greatest advantage of using windows is that each window creates a virtual screen space. Hence, although the physical screen space is limited to a few inches, use of windows can create unlimited screen space to display innumerable items. The use of windows facilitates the user to open and interact with multiple programs or documents simultaneously in different windows. Sometimes a single program may also open multiple windows to display various items. The user can resize the windows and move their location time to time as desired. However, there are several concerns of a window relating to its size, appearance, positioning, color, visibility, resizability etc. The following are some of the issues faced while using windows. ⇛ There is a concern regarding the size of windows, i.e., whether the window size should be allowed to be bigger than the physical screen size. If the window size cannot be bigger than screen size, then it cannot display larger items. But if the windows are expanded bigger than the screen size, then its borders may go beyond the screen and become inaccessible. ⇛ If we limit the size of the windows then there are issues like, what should be the maximum size of windows, how do the user know that the window cannot expand further, whether the size of one window should affect the size of other windows? ⇛ Resizing windows should not go beyond a minimum size, as otherwise, the user cannot know the content of the window. ⇛ Conventionally the user has to move the mouse pointer to the corner of the window to drag or resize the window. This is felt to be a stressful process when repeated again and again. ⇛ Holding the mouse pointer exactly on the window border or corner is felt to be difficult especially if you have a shaky hand, a fast pointer speed or a narrow border. In such cases there is possibility of clicking the mouse when the pointer is moved out of the window, which can cause unpredictable results. ⇛ When there are multiple windows, some windows partially or fully block other windows and hinder their visibility. ⇛ When a window is completely covered by other windows, it is difficult to select that window, as no part of the window is visible for the user to click and select. ⇛ Sometimes the …

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