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Inventing the 'black box': mathematics as a neglected enabling technology in the history of communications engineering

  title={Inventing the 'black box': mathematics as a neglected enabling technology in the history of communications engineering},
  author={Chris Bissell},
A self-leveling tray or ice dispenser including a pair of opposed inner walls within a cavity, each wall having at least one post protruding inwardly into the cavity. A pair of removable shells is provided, each shell having a pair of opposed longitudinal tracks and an upper hanger near one end of the opposed tracks. At least one slot extends through each shell. A roller mechanism engages the opposed tracks on each shell. A pair of shelves is provided, one shelf extending into the cavity from… 



Physical theory of the electric wave-filter

The electric wave-filter is one of the most important of present day circuit developments, being indispensable in many branches of electrical communication, and as will be gathered from the present article, it effects the separation much more sharply than do tuned circuits.

Transmission characteristics of electric wave-filters

The transmission loss characteristic of a transmitting network as a function of frequency is an index of the network's steady-state selective properties. Methods of calculation heretofore employed to

A reactance theorem

The theorem gives the most general form of the driving-point impedance of any network composed of a finite number of self-inductances, mutual inductances, and capacities. This impedance is a pure

Telling Tales: Models, Stories and Meanings

ion versus idealisation Applying both the abstraction (physical modelling) and idealisation (system identification) processes to the same situation can often be very revealing. For example, ignoring

Karl Küpfmüller: a German contributor to the early development of linear systems theory

During the 1920s the German engineer Karl Kupfmuller made substantial advances in the development of a theory of linear systems, notably by adopting a ‘systems approach’ to modelling electrical

Summary of the History of Circuit Theory

The various directions of its development in the last 50 years are discussed, mainly in relation with applications to communication engineering, with recent progress reported in formal realizability theory and in topological synthesis.

Theory and design of uniform and composite electric wave-filters

It is proposed to present systematic general methods of wave-til ter design, together with representative designs, which have been developed in connection with the practical utilization of this desile in the plant of the Bell System.

Explaining some of the magic of COFDM

COFDM is particularly well matched to digital broadcasting systems for both audio -Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) and (terrestrial) television -Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB-T) since it is very tolerant of the effects of multipath (provided a suitable guard interval is used).

The Magnetic Force of Charles Proteus Steinmetz

  • History
    IEEE Power Engineering Review
  • 1996
harles Proteus Steinmetz (1 8651923) is well-known as a pioneer of the electrical industry. His lifetime achievements are remarkable, and his strength of character admirable. This article is based on

The golden anniversary of electric wave filters

In filter technology, the synthesis techniques of Cauer and Darlington, among others, have come into wide-spread use. With the swing to higher and higher frequencies, these techniques have enabled